Monday, September 29, 2008

Fashion Week

Ah, Fashion Week has come and gone yet again. Gee, how did I miss that? And as usual I am still behind the times when it comes to dressing myself. I always thought blue jeans was always in style. Clearly I am wrong. Couldn't a lady be arrested for wearing someting like this for 'indescent exposure'? Looks like a bad take on a 20s-esque look with some mosquito netting for protection. Perhaps this is the new look for those African Safari vacations. You certainly could blend in with the zebras. However I did see something new this year. Dude wear! Yes, the men are not excluded and there are some red hot new looks for you gentlemen to strut the streets with flair and confidence! Check it out! Forget those comfortable khakis and the casual, sexy shirt from the Gap. You too can look like a total fool and be on the cutting edge of fashion!! Just think of all the hot chics you can pick up wearing a get-up like this and brag about how you were inspired from the greatest designers from Fashion Week! That would certainly make me want to pass out my phone number around! Hey mom, come meet my new boyfriend. He's the coolest dresser I"ve ever seen in a man! He's got great taste don't ya think? He looks soo suave...
Poor guy. This looks like something Keith Richards would end up waking up in after a really long and heavily drug laden party. I hope he got paid some big bucks to wear a get-up like this. But what do I know. I live for my blue jeans and a good boob shirt. I guess I will always be behind the times fashion wise. Darn. elizinashe

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Stupid has been my choice word for the day. People can be so freakin' ignorant and elected leaders are even worse. Right before hurricane Ike hit the gulf area, our gas stations had begun running out of gas due to our main supply is sent from the gulf coast. I had gased up before class the Wed before it hit and again 'topped off' my tank Thursday mid-day so that I could survive into next week being that the expectations many gas stations being out would be a reality. So the hurricane made landfall on the 12th/13th if I remember correctly. Monday night after class I put more gas in my car since many gas stations around my house were 'out'. I paid $4.19 per gallon. Ouch! There had been some serious price gouging on in the area. There had been some reports of even $5 a gallon. Can you believe it?? In the meantime, many of gas stations have been out. Those who do have gas only had x-amount of gas delivered and with all the panic of people waiting up to four hours to fill up their precious vehicles and gas cans, those gas stations run out in a short few hours. There are websites up telling who has gas and who doesn't, who is expecting a delivery, traffic backing up in the driving lanes for those who are in line for gas, people fighting in the parking lots over gas, police officers directing traffic, schools are cancelling classes so buses don't have to run, (hell, my classes were cancelled today!) and city/county government offices will be closed on Friday in order to conserve gas. We finally had a state leader come to town to address the issues and making some statements that gas will be trucked in from elsewhere until the pipeline is running back to its normal capacity. (Need I remind you that Ike ended up being a catagory 3 and didn't do much damage to the refineries as expected. ) I'm getting to the point where I need gas again but it seems like such a fucking pain in the ass to sit in line for an hour or more, wasting what gas I have just to get more. I understand that our source of fuel comes from an area that is prone to hurricanes. However, it didn't take this long when Katrina hit and most certainly our fine, elected leaders can step in and find other refineries along the east coast, midwest and up north that can help with our supply. This is nothing but stupid. There have been reports of people waiting in line before the gas station opens up if they know they have gas. STUPID!!!
There are more and more gas stations that are getting their supplies now. There were two close to my house that had gotten an afternoon delivery however traffic was backed up for blocks and quickly getting longer. I didn't have time to wait for the hour it would have taken me. By the time I even catch wind that so-and-so has gas, they're out by the time I'm off work or out of class. Geeze, is this ever so stupid. I'm working a night shift tonight so I hope that I can score some petrol on my way home and be one of those stupid early birds waiting in line while the station opens up for business. Yes, I know there was a gas crisis in the 70s but this is really stupid given the day and age. It is beyond stupid and it needs to stop. elizinashe

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Post

Greetings my fellow readers! Yes, I'm still around...just haven't had anything good to say. I have been quite busy now that school has started back up for me. I have my first test this coming Monday night. Hormones and Blood...oooo how exciting you say! I know you are completely jealous but please do try to contain yourself. ha-ha.
I have been keeping abreast of this hurricane season. I am thankful that Gustav lost some of his ommph, however we do have two more that are a-brewing which could effect our area in the long run. As always, it can jack up gas and oil prices and if we have some heavy rains or winds from anything it will certainly finish off some already sickly trees in my yard as well as topple my neighbors tree that's already leaning against another tree in the back boundaries of my yard. I can just see a domino effect happening here when it does fall if they don't cut it up soon. I really don't want to wake up to the sound of trees falling all around me or on top of my roof where I sleep!! That's not a very nice way to wake up.
I have been very curious about the Democratic and up-coming Republican convention speeches. This is such an important election, or at least I think so. I've been tuning in now that the time is getting much closer. I thought Obama spoke very well. I'm curious as to what this Alaskan governor chic has to say. She came out of nowhere...and I'm very curious as to what McCain has to preach about. This is quite an election coming about. I'm not a very political person but I find myself becoming very involved as to what these candidates have to say and what they 'promise' to do for our country. I am proud to have the opportunity to vote in this election. I will definately vote in this election.
Last but not least, my dear friends who live in California will be in town this weekend for a friend's wedding which means some wonderful girly time and some bonding time with their baby boy which I have yet to see!! He's about 4 months old now. I am looking forward to treking about our downtown area with one of my closest girly friends with baby in tow having some long overdue bonding time complete with hugs & kisses and baby poop as the added bonus. woo-hoo! I have finally made the dive into the digital world and bought a new camera so this will give me an opportunity to take a ridiculous amount of pictures to test it all out. Yea!! I can't wait...So that's the latest and greatest. On a trival side note, I've seen Mamma Mia twice now and I hope to catch it one last time on the big screen at the local Brew n View before it totally leaves town. I just loved it! I loved the 'escape' that it gave me, the humor was great and of course I was totally diggin' the music. I'm ready to make my escape to Greece myself...who's got their bags packed? ha-ha. If you haven't seen it yet then I highly suggest that you do if it's still playing in your area. It's just a fun movie. A perfect escape from life itself. We all need that every now and then, right? In the meantime, stay well, laugh out loud and don't forget to vote!! elizinashe