Monday, May 29, 2017

My Where Did the Time Go?

Thank You Veterans ! 
Happy Memorial Day!

This month sure did fly by, or so it seems to me.  Summer is fast approaching folks!  Hope you have something fun planned in the coming months as we all need a respite from the daily grind in our world.

Life is pretty good on my end of the stick and I'm really thankful for that.  I am certainly thankful for our veterans who sacrificed so much without complaint.  Despite our current administration and a complete idiot, we do live in a great country.  I hope and pray that we remain strong and vigilant to fight for our freedom and fight for what is right and true.  And I will leave it at that.

I don't have too much more to say...well, I do but it's a bunch of babble talk so I will spare you of mindless reading.  I no longer want to waste my time on bitching about things that I can't control.  I'm really working hard on keeping things simple and trying to focus on living my life that is fun and uplifting.  Sometimes that's hard.  I'm still working on that.  I suppose it's a life long process.

In the meantime, get out and enjoy the sunshine.  Take a drive, go for a hike, go explore a neighboring city just for the heck of it.  Smile at a stranger, hug your friends and listen to some music.  It's the little things is it not?

Until next time....elizinashe
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