Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What's In the Bag?

She's Cute in Red
The English are pretty well devoted to their Queen and all things Royal.  It's a different country with a long history of a regal ruler.  It certainly is not like what it used to be but some traditions are still intact with all its pomp and circumstance. 
Future Queen Age 7

Anyway...the Queen.  As I was trying to fall asleep the other night, this random thought crossed my mind for no particular reason.  Maybe it was my brain's way to throw out our country's hot mess of a political situation.  Regardless, the Queen has always carried that same type of 'pill box' handbag in all of her years of Reign.  No should bags, no glitzy clutches, no wallet styles or a simple small purse.  Always an old lady handbag.  An apparently that started at an early age back in the day.

So my question is, how many handbags does she have after all these years?  And what does she keep in that little pillbox of a bag?  Tissues perhaps?  No, she's Royalty.  That would be a monogrammed handkerchief.  What about lipstick?  Certainly eye glasses these days.  A compact of powder?  What does a Queen keep in her purse?  Does she have a key to the Palace in case she gets locked out?  Pepper spray?  What about a smart phone? Hmm..an itinerary and notes of people's names so she won't forget who's who  at whatever gathering she may be attending?  Curious minds want to know. 

What's in your wallet Your Royal Highness?  This down-to-earth chic wants to know!  I'll show you mine if you show me yours.  😉  Until next time...elizinashe
You Think She's Got a Flask in That Bag? 

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